Two things I hate, the thought of having to wake up early on a Saturday morning and the constant thought that I can’t feel the chunk of keyholders attached to my car key. But today, I had a good reason to wake up early. I had a breakfast meetup at one of the newest gem in the capital. I would even dare to say a perfectly curated Piece of art!

As I drove to the recently opened Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence Nairobi Arboretum, I kept visualizing where it would be but thanks to Google Maps, it was so easy to locate.

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The Security Guys at the door were polite but thorough at their job. I was ushered in with a big smile and shown where to stop! A valet attendant took over and assured me that my car would be ok. I do have a phobia of just letting go of my means of transport, but these guys were so professional and nice, I couldn’t say no.

I walked in only to meet this beautiful lady receptionist in this gem who showed me to the restaurant where I was meeting my old friend. He is the one who recommended the place and I knew I had to see it.

The restaurant was down the stairs and there was this calm feeling that just hit you when you walked into that building. I felt a homely kind of feeling as I took my seat. The breakfast buffet was very well-balanced. And, I was puzzled by the perfection in their preparation and presentation of the Egg Benedict. My compliments to the Chef.

They served me with my favourite #KerichoGold Sweet Peppermint tea and such amazing croissants (I am going back for these) as we spoke. The restaurant attendants were fast to clear the table (Mom’s you know this is a good thing, right?) and made sure we were comfortable.

As I wandered off after my meeting, I took a sneak peek at their spa, sauna, steam rooms, swimming pool and fitness centre.

Truth is, I am going back for a night or two, to try out those giant beds. They look like those beds that allow you to sleep the whole night through and wake up well-rested. For real! Something else I look forward to is the Sunday Brunch

In my opinion, this hotel is a masterpiece and I recommend that you try it out.

P.S, they brought back my car in one Piece. Professionally parked and ready for me to leave. It felt so good, I recommend using their valet services too…


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